The Pirate’s Ultimate
2-Day Retreat For
Featuring: Preston James, Maggie Roth & Brandon!
Where: Washington DC
When: October 7-8th 2021
The 2-Day Pirate Retreat Is Back!
Want to Join Us?
Only 20 Seats Remain for Our First LIVE,
 In-Person East Coast Event in Nearly 2 Years!
October 7-8th, Washington DC 
We weren’t able to hold our usual East Coast seminar last year — so this is big news. And with the pent-up demand for gathering in person after all this time, we expect the remaining spots to go fast.
Here’s what to expect if you secure one of the last remaining seats:
This “Small Room Event ” Will Include New Breakthroughs, Collaboration and LIVE Trading
While we start things off with a cocktail reception on Wednesday evening (where it’s easy to meet and greet with other WOW students), we keep the room size smaller to allow for an ideal learning environment for questions, participation, and collaboration.
You’ll go deeper into why the CrowBar is my #1 favorite strategy for aggressive upside returns. 200, 300, 400, even 500% profits are what’s possible! We’ll find some CrowBar candidates together as a class.
You’ll get caught up on all the latest with the Sleepover Bandit! The S.O.B.'s put 7-10% windfall profits in your pocket each and every weekend. Plus, we’ll do several LIVE Sleepover Bandit trades together as a class!
And last but not least, even if you don’t have access to my Next Steps training portal… we’re going to reveal some of what’s taught inside. Here’s a sneak peak:
  • Hone your ability to spot more Money Press and other profit opportunities—consistently, each and every week...
  • Develop the skills to earn an additional 7-15% in weekly profit—and potentially $3,000-5000 in more weekly income (depending on the size of your account)...
  • Protect your account from drops and blow-ups that plague so many options traders — and keep it growing, without limit...
  • ​Achieve lasting financial freedom, and realize the lifestyle of your dreams MUCH faster…
And to be honest, that’s only scratching the surface of all you’ll learn and perfect during this life-changing event…
There’s no pitching or selling new products in the back of the room.
The 2-Day Pirate Retreat Events are jam-packed, “how-to” events that super-charge your trading.
You’ll get up to speed with all the latest cutting-edge tips, tricks and tweaks to my Weekly Option Windfall methods — and you’ll see exactly how my team and other students are applying the strategies to their account.
Join Me and Elite Mentors Committed to
Helping You Grow Your Account in 2022
In addition to hearing me speak on a secret topic and LIVE trade with you, you’ll hear from our top mentors on how to transform your trading, income and wealth in 2022.

This includes Brandon Gendvilas, our top mentor at Traders Edge.

 He’s personally helped hundreds of students from all different backgrounds, experience levels, professions, account sizes and incomes. He’s the creator of the Quarterly Money Press Watchlist, using his unique “delta neutral” method when rolling out of Money Presses, and he’ll bring his latest and most compelling edges to Washington DC.

You’ll Get To Meet My “$3 Million Dollar Trading Student” Maggie Roth — “The Queen Of Corrections.”

Maggie’s my most successful apprentice to date. Not only is she a wizard with trading, but she has a gift of communicating and teaching like no other. You don’t want to miss the latest breakthroughs from Maggie!

And You’ll Get To Meet Another Mentor We Are Super Excited To Welcome To The Team: Lee “The Postman” Belmont.

Lee is a father of 4 and a hard-working UPS driver, who recently used my Money Press strategies to achieve financial freedom. Teaching from experience, Lee will be focusing on how you can use an account of any size to generate a steady weekly income and accelerate your ideal retirement.
2 Days To Transform Your 2022 Results And Pave The Way To Freedom
This 2-day event will be a turning point for you, guaranteed. I know that because over 90% of the investors and traders I’ve spoken with say that attending a live event as their inflection point — and countless WOW Insiders specifically mark live events like this as the day everything changed for them.
This event is designed for you to hit that point. Plan on coming away with at least several breakthroughs you can put to use right away in your trading.
What’s more, we priced it to be incredibly affordable given that it’s a small group, there is no pitching, and the content is among the most advanced we offer.
Many expect it to cost upwards of $5,000 when we reveal all the details —and are pleasantly shocked when they find out that it’s just $1,495 for the two days.
But the limited-time price is actually even lower than that: just $1,195 for everything.
This is why the initial seats have gone fast — and why we expect the remaining seats for this event to SELL OUT even more rapidly. If you’re seeing this page up, it means there is still space and you must act quickly.
“20 seats remaining” is not a gimmick… we really have less than 20 seats available.
So act fast and I’ll see you for a cocktail on Wednesday October 6th!
To Bigger and Better Profits in 2022,
Preston “the Pirate” James
P.S.—We will be following CDC guidelines to keep you and everyone safe. That’s a good thing for the health of everyone in attendance. But it lowers our capacity and means a good number of people who want to be there with us, won’t be able to.
If you want to meet us in-person next month and take your trading to the next level, don’t delay.
P.P.S.— Once you secure your seat, we’ll email you all the exact details and location…
But we ask that you please keep this completely private… as we don’t want anyone showing up to surprise us. This event is exclusive and private… 
We intend to keep it that way!
NOTE: If you would prefer to order by phone, please call: 801-733-4190. Our staff is extremely friendly and would love to take care of you.
You just need to be at this kind of party!
     When I’m not taking in the history/foodie scene of Park City, I’ll be trading live, hunting down the market’s buried treasure, and showing my most compelling tricks and tips that are designed to…
Give You Serious and Unforgettable Edges, In All
Nooks & Crannies Of Your Trading & Investing
     Join me and the Traders Edge crew for two incredible days on October 15-16th 2020  (Thursday & Friday) and be prepared for this event to be a true difference-maker. 
     In Park City we’ll trade live, right there in class! The fun part will be finding and evaluating new opportunities, and seeing this process come alive while we’re all together!
     Far and away, the most rewarding part for me is seeing the individual breakthroughs that take place.  And these happen when you’re there seeing, learning, then doing. It’s a combination that can only happen at an event of this kind.
     So get down to Park City, meet some brand new “WOW” friends, and get ready for a few breakthroughs of YOUR OWN!
     On top of it all, I’ll be revealing kick-ass and compelling tips, tricks and secrets. Stuff that’s taken years to discover because of testing, tweaking and trading (and because I’m a nose-to-the-grindstone, degenerate trader!)
     What this means is even if you’re somewhat lazy and unlucky, this stuff will work in spite of you being you!  Stuff like:
My Bread and Butter Money Press Method
As a class, we’ll hunt down brand new Money Presses together! You’ll get to see the entire process in action, including the websites we visit, how each Money Press is qualified (and how it’ll make us money) and then how to trade ‘em!
“Money Press Mechanics:” Come look under the hood with me at all my latest tweaks and gadgets for boosting your results and income using my favorite go-to strategy! Things like:
  • The secret 3-day rule, and how it affects most of my Money Press entries and weekly adjustments.
  • How to make ALL your money back with a money press even if it suffers the worst-case scenario.
  • How to do money presses in a bear market
  • The secret of why to bulk up on a few positions, rather than scattering your capital in all different directions.
  • The completely legal, yet little-known secret of expanding your margin availability on Friday by a factor of 5 to 10 times!
  • How to make an extra $3,000 to $5,000 Per Month, Every Month, from here on out! (a majority of people we talk to say they could RETIRE AND BE DONE if they could just fill in this income gap!)
  • Market cycle edges: How to keep the Money Press printing press churning even in a down market.
  • Everything you need to know in order to trade Money Presses in your online account, including all the “broker lingo,” and option approval levels.
  • And finally, the real world “in’s and out’s” of portfolio margin – the biggest game changer of a lifetime!
        It’s Open Season On Crowbars!  How do you get your greedy mitts on the treasure if it’s locked away inside a corroded treasure chest?
      You bust open the hinges with a crowbar!  The CrowBar set-up is my #1 favorite way to KILL IT for an upside, directional trade.  It’s sure to make your face positively glow with all that shiny, colorful treasure staring back at you -
          But it’s one of the least known strategies in all the land! 
       In Park City, I’ll show you the CrowBar in every single last detail.  I’ll even show you some of the weekly enhancements I’ve added to this gem (that heaps in even MORE profit!)
  • In Park City, Discover My Hot, Hot, Hot “Sleepover Bandit!” This Little-Known Strategy Produces Uncanny, Foolproof Weekly Income!
    • Start owning the world, one weekend at a time
    • The S.O.B. puts 7-10% overnight returns in your pocket, between each Thursday and Friday of the week.
    • Here’s a sampling of the Sleepover Bandit emails I’ve been getting in my inbox:

      “I’m now 11 for 11 . . .”
      “I just banked $2,400 overnight . . .”
      “I did 3 of them at the same time and they all worked like clockwork . . .”
      “Thank you, thank you for teaching us the Sleepover Bandit . . . ”
      Etc, etc, etc!

    • And because our event will span a Thursday and Friday, you’ll get to see some Sleepover Bandits happen LIVE, from one market day into the next!
  • Discover The Little-Known Piece Of News That Practically Forces A Stock To Go Up 86.3% Of the Time, Over the Next 3 To 6 Months… (and no … It’s NOT Earnings).
    • This was my very first BREAKTHROUGH strategy, and it still applies today! In Park City, you’ll learn the very latest on how to easily find and profit from this little-known piece of news!
    • The 6 Earnings Street Smarts You Can’t Survive Without! You’ll come away from Park City with a whole new confidence when it comes to the all important earnings announcement.
    • These 6 Street Smarts will add a serious edge to what you’re already doing. Plus, I’ve never see anyone else talk about edges and street smarts when it comes to earnings . . . which means the ONLY place you’ll discover them is at my LIVE event in Park City!
    • Look, bottom line is after a ton of trial and error . . . collecting weekly premiums and paychecks should be your #1 go-to money making method for the rest of your life. And to think you can be the one to start teaching this to your kids and grandkids!

In addition you’ll discover:

  • Discover the 4 Truths About Market Corrections, and the 4 Rules to Follow During Any Market Correction!
  • Why To Use My #1 Exit Trigger In This Current Market For ANY Market Correction:  Here's My Favorite Go-To Stock For Money Press Success (now you'll know it forever!)
  • Revealed:  The "shock absorber" is a slick and cheap way that will absorb the shock of a market correction.  You'll discover WHEN to do this, the exact size of trade (based on your account size), and HOW to exit the shock absorber!
  • For the first time ever, I'll reveal an added position I do DURING market corrections, and another I do when the market correction ENDS!
  • Finally, why market mayhem is ultimately so exciting (because of another trick I'll reveal for the very first time!
Special Guest Speaker: Meet Maggie Roth,
the “Queen of Corrections”
      Maggie loves corrections as much as you hate ‘em. Maggie’s biggest windfalls have been pocketed when things go south and sour (sounds like the name of a cocktail?).
      Just picking up a few gems from “The Queen” is worth the time and expense of getting to Park City all by itself!
      Allow me to introduce Maggie some more. She’s my most successful student to date, period. And those she’s worked with and mentored will take you aside in Park City to let you know first-hand how kick-ass she is (and how her teaching style and real world experience in the market has been responsible for their new found success).
      It’s time you meet Maggie, live and in person! Here’s what she’ll be sharing in Park City:
  • Being in Profit Mode: What all great traders do for their daily routine. She’ll reveal step by step each profit tweak she’s discovered along the way, and most importantly, her easy, yet disciplined way of tracking each and every trade (the trick is to always be organized . . . and she’ll show you how!)
  • Maggie will reveal an exciting side-car strategy (for additional income along the way!) which involves doing Money Press positions on the SPY’s. She calls it the “I-SPY” method, and it’s “ELF” (Easy, Lucrative and Fun!)
  • You’ll discover Maggie’s newest breakthrough: How she’s enhancing her quarter-over-quarter performance by adjusting her Money Presses to the Implied Volatility (IV) of the market – she’ll show you how!
  • You’ll also see Maggie’s other go-to methods, up close and personal, including:
    1) The “Princess Trade
    2) The “Same ‘Ol Song”
    3) The Inchworm
    4) Dancing with the Devil
    5) The Greedy Bitch, and
    6) Hell-in-a-hand-basket
              And last, but certainly not least, “Mentor Brandon”
will share the stage in Park City!

         Brandon’s the creator of the popular “Money Press Quarterly  Watchlist!”  He’s also one of our top one-on-one mentors at Traders Edge, and has worked closely with now hundreds of traders!
         People rave about Brandon non-stop because of his ability to teach these concepts, and more importantly how to adapt them to your own personal circumstances and account size.
         Brandon will be there to share his very latest hard-won insights on how YOU can put this into action and really do this!
         Combine all of this breakthrough content with the opportunity to rub shoulders and meet successful traders from all across the country, and you’ll quickly realize this is one event you do NOT want to miss out on!
         So what does it cost to attend this live Retreat in Park City?
         Well, according to what dozens and dozens of attendees have told me personally, it would have cost them $50K, $100K, $250K, and in some extreme cases MILLIONS of dollars to NOT ATTEND the Retreat they went to!
         Now THAT’S expensive! It’s very costly NOT to be there -
         So why is it more costly NOT to attend?  Well there’s 2 big reasons why:
  1. Trading the market can be an extremely expensive proposition. There IS a tuition cost, no matter what! And the most expensive way to go (by far) is to try and brave it all by yourself, with real world trial and error!
  2. Time is precious! After all, the longer you wait, the more precious time ticks away. And in this case, this will be time where your account could have been growing and compounding -
          Making this perhaps the biggest cost of all: (opportunity cost)
          We’ve priced this unique event to be super affordable, while at the same time providing an ideal learning environment (with a manageable room size, where you can hear the questions, etc)
          Slicker and glossier financial/investing companies charge $5,000 for their seminars. And what do you get? Fancy slides, regurgitated information and a boring, dry salesman… er… speaker.
          A Pirate Retreat is completely opposite. It’s NOT a back-of-the-room sales-a-thon. Instead, it’s real meat delivered for two entire days, with nothing held back!  Information and know-how from doing millions of dollars worth of REAL trades in all kinds of markets!
          The fee to attend is only $1,495. (Limited Time Only! Early Bird Pricing = $1,195!)
          And you can bring a guest along at a partner rate of only $695. (Early Bird Pricing = $495)
          Like my other Retreats, seating is very limited. My crew insists on having a fairly intimate classroom environment… which means these seats will go quickly. That’s why you’ll want to lock-in your slot right away after you see this!
          The fastest way to reserve your seat is to fill in your information above. You are on a 100% safe and secure, encrypted website.
          Or, if you prefer to talk with someone, you can call Belinda at: 801-733-4190 and she’ll be happy to enroll you (if she doesn’t pick up, just leave a message and she’ll call you right back).
          Fall is right around the corner! So whatever you decide, decide right away and I’ll look forward to seeing you in Park City!
          Yours for Bigger Profits, More Often,
          Preston "Pirate" James
P.S. If you’ve ever been to a “Pirate Retreat” – you know they always over-deliver. In fact, I don’t remember a single Retreat where we weren’t able to place trades and make money together. Combine this with all the new breakthroughs I have for you – and that’s what’ll make Park City really special.
Not to mention the intangibles of meeting other super-successful WOW traders from all over the U.S. and the globe. Trust me, you’re going to meet some of the most interesting people, ever! And that’s worth it, just right there!
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