The Pirate’s Ultimate Retreat MEGA EVENT
Celebrating Our 20th Year in Business!


Preston James, "Right-Hand" Mike, Mentor Brandon, Lee, Stella & Kyle


Las Vegas, NV


October 11-13, 2023


Preston James, "Right-Hand" Mike, Mentor Brandon, Lee, Stella & Kyle


Las Vegas, NV


October 12-13, 2023

With Money Press, you already have an ability that less than 1% of traders will ever have...

...Which will allow you to potentially transform your income and wealth in ways you’ve never even dreamed possible.

…Just like we’ve done…

…and just like a small group of others we’ve shared this system with have done too...
“I turned my initial stake of $25K into $3.4 million in less than 3 years using this exact system!”

 - Maggie R., from Tyler, TX
...or how Barry told me...
"I just recently invested in your [Money Press Method]— and was very skeptical. But I have to say that I am impressed. Just two examples of your set up netted me almost a 400% return. And that is on each trade!” 
...or how I receive emails such as Matt P.’s every day... 
“My account started Jan. 1 with $140,000. It is likely to end around $179,000 in the last two weeks. Keep up the great work.”
And Now, Because I’m Personally Inviting YOU to Join Me for 2 Days of Next Level Training and Live Trading...

It’s your turn to successfully start trading weekly options...

It’s your turn to dominate the market whether it goes up, down, or sideways...

It’s your turn to start seeing potential returns of $3,935 per week — like we saw during our “live” experiment last year…

It’s your turn to start banking a potential $17,449 per month…

It’s your turn to start building lasting generational wealth...

It’s your turn to finally build the retirement account of your dreams…

All you have to do is: follow the step-by-step directions and implement everything we show you…

And all this is possible…

Because it’s exactly what happened to me…
2 Days that Turned Me into a Million-Dollar Trader...
As a college linebacker, no one ever imagined I would have become a famous trader.

But I developed a passion for trading while working for Fidelity Investments right out of college. I still remember my very first trade (it was on Comair Airlines!)

It wasn’t long before I’d built up a pretty respectable account using my MIT strategy.

But here’s part of my story I’ve never really talked about:

The key to me turning $150K to right under $1M in 16 months and allowing me to go “full time” into trading...
... was a “deep immersion” phase where I spent DAYS 100% focused on mastering the strategies that eventually became Money Press.

That’s why I’ve created this 2-day live immersion for you.

Because it’s the ONLY way to get you across the “tipping point”— where your trading becomes enough to sustain your lifestyle and retirement.
Trade LIVE with Me, the Crew and Fellow Money Press Traders THIS October
Just like that intense, focused period trading changed the game for me...

Jumping on with me and our team LIVE online for 2 days could do the same for you.

These can only happen when you’re deeply immersed — seeing, learning, then doing. It’s a combination that can exclusively take place at an event of this kind.

I’m so excited about this deep immersion event—I’ve saved some NEW kick-ass and compelling tips, tricks and secrets that I’m excited to reveal for the first time.

Stuff that’s taken years to discover because of testing, tweaking and trading (and because I’m a nose-to-the-grindstone, degenerate trader!)

What this means is even if you’ve never traded a Money Press a day in your life… these 2 days will be the turning point in your trading:
Deep Immersion & Mastery of the Money Press Method
As a group, LIVE, we’ll hunt down brand new Money Presses together!

You’ll get to see the entire process in action, including the websites we visit, how each Money Press is qualified (and how it’ll make us money) and then how to trade ‘em...

You’ll also learn some of my personal secrets to quickly identifying Money Press trades without spending more than a few minutes each day looking at the markets...

You’ll discover the “Money Press Secrets” for fast-tracking your results and income using my favorite go-to strategy:
  • Experience "Basics Over Breakfast" - where we personally answer your questions over a hot breakfast and clear away any fog that may be keeping you from achieving optimum profits...
  • Catch up with me and the latest strategies Im using in the current market
  • Sharpen your trading edge with brand new insights from me, 'right-hand' Mike, Brandon, Stella, Lee, and Kyle!
  • Enjoy the thrill of LIVE TRADING together as a class where we look for new Money Press opportunities!
  • ​Learn my #1 go-to strategy for 2024 and beyond, with profit potential of 200%, 300%, 400%, even 500%!
  • ​And as the market evolves, we've got you covered with new trade ideas from our Traders Edge mentors, who are right "in the trenches" and know what's working NOW...
Plus, it’s not just Money Press... this "Small Room Event" will include... 
Brand New Sessions,
Breakthroughs & LIVE Trading
We keep the room size smaller for a reason... to allow for an ideal trading environment, Q&A's, participation, and collaboration.
We’ll kick things off with a bit of fun before we dive into training with ‘Basics Over Breakfast’ (breakfast included!) — a new edition to our event where we personally answer your questions and clear away any fog that may be keeping you from achieving optimum profits.
Go deeper into the Money Press with me where I’ll reveal my #1 go-to strategy for 2024 and beyond. And why now is so ripe for Money Press profits, as well as other strategies…
…be prepared to do LIVE TRADES together as a class where we’ll look for new Money Press opportunities!
Then embark on a journey with our own Traders Edge “in the trenches” mentors. Stay ahead with their fresh insights and trade ideas tailored to the evolving market. We’ve got you covered! Here’s a sneak peek:




  • Basics Over Breakfast w/ "Right Hand" Mike - Options/Money Press 101
  • Preston: "Become Unstoppable With These 6 Long Lost Ideas and Income Producing Edges"

short break

  • Brandon: "Trading With Colors: The Art Of Option Spreads"


  • Preston: "My #1 Go-To Strategy for 2023 & Beyond!: It's like the most succulent Filet Mignon but for hamburger prices!"

short break

  • Stella: "Pirates State Of Mind And Sailing The Seven Seas Of Seasonals"

break for the day




  • Basics Over Breakfast w/ "Right Hand" Mike - Options/Money Press 101
  • Preston: LIVE Trading & Adjusting

short break

  • Lee: "A Structured Blueprint for Detailed Account Management - Example size: SAMS 10K, Day Trader: 25K, and Portfolio Margin: 100K"


  • Kyle: "Unlocking The Power Of DeFi: Yield Farming For Delta-Neutral Profits"

short break

  • Preston: Wrap Up & Takeaways

break for the day

  • Hone your ability to spot more Money Press and other profit opportunities—consistently, each and every week...
  • Develop the skills to earn an additional 7-15% in weekly profit—and potentially $3,000-$5,000 in more weekly income (depending on the size of your account)...
  • Protect your account from drops and blow-ups that plague so many options traders — and keep it growing, without limit...
  • ​Achieve lasting financial freedom, and realize the lifestyle of your dreams MUCH faster…
And to be honest, that’s only scratching the surface of all you’ll learn and perfect during this life-changing event…
There’s no pitching or selling new products
in the back of the room.
The 2-Day Pirate Retreat Events are jam-packed, “how-to” events that super-charge your trading.
You’ll get up to speed with all the latest cutting-edge tips, tricks and tweaks to my Weekly Option Windfall methods — and you’ll see exactly how my team and other students are applying the strategies to their account.
Join Me, Our Top Students And Elite Mentors Committed To Helping You Grow Your Account In 2024
In addition to hearing me speak on a secret topic and LIVE trade with you, you'll hear from our top mentors and students how to transform on your trading, income and wealth in 2024.

This Includes "Basics Over Breakfast" With Mike Curtis Who Has Traded Alongside Preston For Last 14 Years.

Kick off the day right with "Right-Hand Mike"! Before the Las Vegas event officially begins, Mike will cover option basics, answer questions and preview the Money Press strategy and why it's so powerful and our #1 money-making method. Don't miss this informal gathering over coffee and pancakes - and get the day started right!

"Trading With Colors: The Art Of Option Spreads" With Brandon Gendvilas, Our Lead Mentor At Traders Edge.

Explore the mechanics of straight calls and puts, and how adding different legs to the trade enhances profit and risk strategies.
Unleash a spectrum of possibilities by harnessing the power of color dynamics to master trading success.

You’ll Get To Meet My “$3 Million Dollar Trading Student” Maggie Roth — “The Queen Of Corrections.”

Maggie’s my most successful apprentice to date. Not only is she a wizard with trading, but she has a gift of communicating and teaching like no other. You don’t want to miss the latest breakthroughs from Maggie!

"Money Press & The Kicker Trade: Entries, Exits, And Examples" With Mentor Lee

Utilizing our options knowledge, we’ll explore new trade techniques — including enhancing Money Press trades for gains when the ticker goes up, and minimizing losses when the ticker goes the other way. We'll talk setting up guidelines, entries and exits -- with examples from last quarter!

"Pirates State Of Mind And Sailing The Seven Seas Of Seasonals" With Traders Edge Mentor, 'Sailor' Stella.

Stella will be your guiding light in mastering the art of emotional intelligence and psychology in trading. Then embark a journey as she reveals some timely, short-term seasonal trades—her specialty! Let Stella's expert wisdom and battle-tested strategies steer you towards new heights of success!

"Unlocking The Power Of DeFi: Yield Farming For Delta-Neutral Profits" With Kyle, Traders Edge Network's Crypto Pro!

"Set it and forget it" ... that's a strategy Kyle loves best! Uncover how you can put your crypto holdings to work and earn yield 24/7.

Find out how to become the "Market Maker" in the world of crypto all while enjoying the benefits of being fully insured.
2 Action-Packed Days
Designed to Transform
Your Trading & Income Forever
So what does it cost to attend this livestream?

I can tell you what you’re NOT going to pay for this...

...You’re not going to pay anywhere near what we’ve and what others have told us these secrets are worth.
Because according to what dozens and dozens of attendees have told me personally, it would have cost them $50K, $100K, $250K, and in some extreme cases MILLIONS of dollars to NOT ATTEND the bootcamps they’ve attended.

You’re also NOT going to pay anywhere near what we’ve invested to learn all of this...

Because if you paid just 1% of the $10 million our small group has invested in trading to learn all of this...

...That would be $100,000 - which is still far below the potential these strategies can make you in the coming years...

Even if you paid half of that which is still $50,000…

...That would give you a higher ROI than almost any other income-generating strategy available today.

...And even half of that - would be an even better deal.
But We’re Not Here To Make Deals
We’re Here To Create Success Stories…
And now it’s your turn to become our next one.

As you consider the opportunity to be our next epic success story, keep some things in mind:

Time is precious.

After all, the longer you wait, the more precious time ticks away. And in this case, this will be a time where your account could have been growing and compounding...

This is deep immersion, with no pitching.

It’s NOT a back-of-the-room, follow-up email sequence sales-a-thon. Instead, it’s real meat delivered for two entire days, with nothing held back!

Information and know-how from doing millions of dollars worth of REAL trades in all kinds of markets...

You got this far for a reason.

...Because you’re obviously serious about having a 6-figure trading income or a 7-figure account…

...and you now know what it takes to get there.

...There are no shortcuts to your success…

...But these strategies — which you’ll go DEEP on for 2 intense days with us...

... is the closest thing you can get to a shortcut…

….And today we’ve kept our promise to help you get to where you want to go…
And Now It’s Time For You To
Decide If You’re Going to Do
Whatever It Takes to Get There...
...The choice is yours…

...Do you want to get there in 2-4 years, or likely never (on your own)...

Or do you want to get there in 2 days?

The cost of admission to put yourself on the fast track to success is only a $597 one time investment in the 2-Day Deep Immersion Bootcamp.

Plus, you won’t just have LIVE access during the event — you’ll have access to the recordings for life.

There’s a button and enrollment form below.

That button is your key to success.

That button is your key to you getting into the black with these strategies...

That’s your key to being able to potentially generate hundreds or thousands in additional trading income per week...

That’s your key to being able to reinvest and compound your gains, to maximally grow your account in 2023... 2024... and beyond.
It’s The Key That Unlocks The Door To Everything You Ever Wanted In Your Life
So hit that button right now.

That will secure your livestream ticket and ensure you get access to the entire bootcamp, as it happens.

This isn’t a hard decision.

This is going to make sure you actually get all the results you want from strategies I’ve already proven work like gangbusters...

So take a good look at the button below.

Realize what it means. Your trading income. Your freedom. Your dream life.

And hit the button now, and I’ll see you on the livestream

The livestream where 2-4 years of work becomes 2 days.

You’ve got options. I should let you know.

You can do all the work by yourself…

...or have all of the work done for you.
You Can Be A Radically
Better Trader In Just 2 Days
You can invest in yourself and your future… and get absolutely everything you need to be profitable...

... for a fraction of the work and a fraction of the time - and get to the money in 2 short days.

If you’re truly serious about generating life-changing trading income... and turning your account into a nest-egg that sets you free...

It’s not even a decision for you.

You already know exactly what to do.

You know you need to hit that button below.

Hit the button now and grab your ticket...

Hit that button and lock in your success.

Hit the button now and make the hard work easy.

Hit the button now and eliminate all the guesswork of this process.

Hit the button now and keep access to the recordings for LIFE.

For whatever reason. And for every reason.

Hit the button now.

And I’ll see you on the inside.

Yours for Bigger Profits, More Often,
Preston "Pirate" James

P.S. The fastest way to reserve your seat is to fill in your information below. You are on a 100% safe and secure, encrypted website.

But if you prefer to talk with someone, you can call Belinda at: 801-733-4190 and she’ll be happy to enroll you (if she doesn’t pick up, just leave a message and she’ll call you right back).
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