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How to Take a Small $10,000 Trading Account and “Snowball” It into a 6-Figure Account that Can Fund the Retirement of Your Dreams…

In our record year, we took our $10,000 account to $28,500 in just 10 weeks… a 185% return in that short time (over 925% annualized)... this year we’re holding an exclusive trading contest to see how high you can go...

Do you have 60 minutes of free time each week for the next 10 weeks? 
Can you place one or two quick trades in that time?
If so – and you join me in the historic trading contest I’m about to announce -- you may NEVER worry about money, ever again!
Because the blueprint you hold in your hands now is about to help you use a SMALL ACCOUNT to generate up to HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PURE PROFIT each day…
Or potentially THOUSANDS per week…
All while paving the way for a potential lifelong annual income of $48,771…$106,200… even $202,400 or more!
And that’s just the beginning.
Sadly, NONE of this is possible if you listen to conventional wisdom.

Conventional Wisdom Says You’re DOOMED to Wait 20-30 Years to Retire
(I Say They Are Lying to You!)

They love making anyone with a small account believe it takes 20... 30... even 40 years to scrimp and save for retirement.
Well, I say that is NONSENSE.
In my own case, right after leaving Fidelity, I was able to take my small account and turn it into 6-figures... eventually becoming a millionaire.
But even though I knew it was possible for me personally, I wanted to see if it was possible for others as well...
Plus, I was angry with the establishment at how they were screwing over the little guy.
So 9 years ago, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and “prove” that a small account doesn’t mean you have to wait decades to make real money.
It was then that I launched my LIVE, publicly-visible, real-money “small” trading account - starting with just $10,000. 
Nothing was hidden. Eight of our nine years, profitable. Every trade and every move I made was visible.
We started with a good return in year one: 21%.

Then 34% in year 2...

Over 46% in year 3...

 A 74% return in year 4...

Even Though 74% in 10 Weeks Is LIGHT YEARS Better than the S&P Performance, I Was FAR From Satisfied...

So I kept refining my method, including the specific Money Press strategies that I custom-tailored to smaller accounts like those I was trading in.
After years of trial and error and optimizing every variable, I had a breakthrough…
And guess what happened?
Our performance soared up to 185% in just 10 weeks! — a roughly 925% annualized return.
If you continue to trade throughout the year at that rate of return, it would be enough to turn $10,000 into $102,500 in a single year.
Remember, all of this was done publicly — right out in the open — anyone can verify it:
$102,500 in profit per year is an extra $8,500 per month.
I think most people — including you — would be happy with an extra $8,500 per month in retirement, right? 
I know my family sure loved it :)
But that’s FAR from the ceiling with these strategies.
Because what if next year you double your small account size and position?
You’d end the year with over $200,000 -- well into a 6-figure trading account!
And with a 6-figure trading account... even if your performance drops to 50-100% annualized with this strategy...
You’re still looking at an additional 50-100K PER YEAR to pad your retirement. Not bad.

Don’t Have $10,000 in Your Account?


Sure, if you have less to start with, it might take you a little more time to get to the point where you’re earning a six-figure income...
But it's still possible to get there.
Perhaps best of all, for some, one hour a week is all it takes.
Of course, you can invest more time in the process if you want—especially if you’re passionate about this process like I am.
Yet you can also take comfort in the fact that you don’t have to be glued to your computer screen watching every little wiggle on a chart.
You don’t have to check in on your stocks every day. I’ll tell you exactly which trades to take, where to set your stop-loss and when to get out.
You’ll know right away if I think something has changed and it’s time to take profits sooner.
Heck, you don’t even need a computer. Many of my “Insider” clients make money trading from their iPads and smartphones… rather than stuck to their screens all day.
Now, if you think you’re ready to move beyond outdated buy and hold systems that will NEVER give you a fully-financed dream retirement scenario, I’d like you to consider joining me in…

The Small Account Mastery Bootcamp & Trading Contest (Over $25,000 in Prizes Available!)

Yes, for the first time ever, I’m not only hosting a Small Account Mastery Bootcamp where you can trade along with me LIVE and master this life-changing process...
I’m ALSO hosting an epic new contest to see who can be the most successful with their small account — with over $25,000 in prizes that I’ll reveal in just a moment.
I’m doing this for 1 reason: because it’s never too late to really begin setting yourself up for the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. And I want you to have every possible “edge” in this journey....
I don’t care how old (or even how young) you are right now — once you switch to this approach to investing, you start thinking in terms of four-to-five years to lasting wealth.
Because you can potentially multiply your money up to ten times faster than traditional investors typically do, and 19 times faster (or more) than the market has been moving.
I promise to do my part. I’m going to show you everything you need to take full advantage of my live trades, the small account mastery process, and the elite money-management strategies that keep me ahead.
I show you how it works, how to set up the trades, and how to maximize your returns throughout.
Of course, as a participant of this 10-week Small Account Mastery Series, you don’t have to worry about any of that. I walk you through LIVE trades with everything you need to know—when to buy, when to exit, even how much of your portfolio to ideally allocate to each trade.
You’ll watch me manage this account…
Just like before:
YES you get every single one of my LIVE trades–the same ones that made 185% over 2.5 months last year and 92% winners since I began publicly trading with a small account like this.
You’ll get short, straightforward steps for placing the trades, a quick, clear look at why we’re making the trade, and the amount of profit we can expect to get from it.
It’s simple to understand. Straightforward. And it’s maybe even more profitable than what you’ve been doing.
So even if you’re already a WOW Insider member and making money with my systems…
This Small Account Mastery Bootcamp could super-charge your current results…
And answer any questions you may have about how to maximize your account…
Not to mention, you’ll have an edge in the contest!

The Ultimate 10-Week Bootcamp for Turning Your Small Account into the Retirement of Your Dreams

This bootcamp is the fastest way to learn how to implement my systems and start boosting your profits today…
And even if you’ve never used any of my strategies before…
This bootcamp will show you in real time exactly how to identify, execute, and profit from the same trading strategies I’ve used to make millions of dollars.
Here's what you'll get as part of this compelling 10 week series:

Week 1: Fast-Track The Trader’s Mentality: Breaking Down the Small Account Mindset + Live Trading

A small account DOES NOT equate to small thinking!
In this session, we’re going to install some mental blueprints that will lay the foundation for you to start small and build big - in record time.
I’m going to get you in the right frame of mind to study, analyze and approach the market…
And most importantly, I’m going to tell you what you need to avoid…
Because we all know that trying to look at 10s of thousands of stocks… and hundreds of news feeds can make trading seem almost impossible…
So in week one, we will simplify the process and make sure you are set up to take down the profits you deserve.
PLUS, I’ll walk you through how to set up your brokerage account. What broker to use, and how to set yourself up to trade weekly options (the bread-and-butter of small account growth).
But best of all, just like every week of this series… I’ll be placing live trades that you follow along and put on your account too!

Week 2: How To Identify the Right Strategies, Set-Ups and Entries + Live Trading

More than half of the game of trading is knowing — with absolute certainty — that you have access to and understand all the best strategies…
Once you have dialed-in your knowledge of these strategies…
You have to know when to use them… and exactly the time of entry and exit.
In this session, you’ll learn how to spot windfall opportunities with laser-like accuracy, and know precisely how to enter and exit a position…
Plus, I’ll be walking you through the exact trades I’m making in the market — in real time!

Week 3: How to Execute The Unstoppable Trading Plan: Sizing & Allocation + Live Trading

You’re going to walk away from this session with a perfect road map — no matter how big or small your account size.
You’ll know just how much of your capital you should allocate to give you the highest possible leverage… the most profit potential… and the most effective risk management.
And if you don’t know it already:
Highest leverage = maximum profits in minimum time.

Week 4: How To Make Money Whether The Market Goes Up, Down, or Sideways + Live Trading

Ready... Aim... Fire!
In this session, you’re going to become a pro at all three of these skills...
  • Keeping your head in the game no matter which way the market moves...
  • Aiming with accuracy to profit from the direction of a stock...
  • And having the foresight to strike when the iron is hot... (the key trait that separates the best from the rest!)
Learning how to ride the wave of the market is perhaps one of the single most important lessons you will learn in this series…
So get ready for week 4… because it’s going to be extremely important for you and your trading account balance!

Week 5: How To Adjust and Roll Weekly Positions + Live Trading

What happens if a trade moves against you? What happens if it stalls?
How do you know when to pull out, and how to adjust or roll it for maximum protection and maximum gain?
In this session, you’ll discover all of these secrets and more. Mastering the art of rolling and adjusting is what makes you unstoppable as a trader.

Week 6: How To Maximize the TipToe Burglar Strategy + Live Trading

This sneaky strategy is absolutely perfect for the small account investor. This is about swerving in and siphoning solid green without leaving a trace...
TipToe Burglar is one of my most powerful add-on strategies — and it’s especially effective on small accounts, so you’ll want to pay close attention this week.

Week 7: How To Dissect Market Essentials and Find Your Trading Edge + Live Trading

Now that you understand the fundamentals - it’s time to give yourself an edge over the market. This crucial ability will make you imperturbable to surprises, uncertainty, and even fear.
You’ll walk about from this session armed with knowhow that’ll move you head-and-shoulders beyond the reality of ordinary traders.
You’ll become a bonafide Windfaller.

Week 8: How To Build Protection Into Every Trade (Anyone Can Make Money… It’s Learning How to Protect It, Keep It and Grow It) + More Live Trading

How do you protect your positions? How do you make sure that you don’t take a loss, regardless of which direction a stock moves? How do you secure your portfolio for the future?
In this session, you’ll discover how to protect your ASS(sets), no matter what condition the market is in. What’s more, you’ll find that by cultivating this protective skill, perpetual profits stream in as a delightful byproduct.

Week 9: How to Prepare for Your Bigger Account + Live Trading

There is an almost-magical process that takes place once you get some profitable trades under your belt.
In this session, you’re going to discover the power of momentum, and how you can leverage it to grow your account faster.
This is the “snowball” principle I hinted at earlier, where you can reinvest a portion of your profits to continually and systematically grow your account and hit your target retirement number.

Week 10: Wrap-Up, Q&A, Surprise Bonus + Live Trading

After nine power-packed sessions of learning as we start with $10K and grow it... a lot of questions may come up in the process.
In this session, you’ll get your questions answered so that you can move forward with total confidence in your future trading.
I also have a surprise bonus for you that I know you’re going to love - a perfect reward for making it through the entire 10-week process :)

Clear Your Calendar
On June 21st at 1pm EDT

The first session will begin on
Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 1pm EDT.
Sessions will continue to be held every Thursday until the end of the series.
(A video replay will be available for each session.)

$1,543 In Bonuses Plus A Chance To Win $25,000 In Prizes Just for Saying “Maybe”

Now for the best part. I’m going to walk you through ALL the bonuses that you’ll get for joining me in this once-in-a-lifetime bootcamp (including everything we’ve lined up for the big contest).

Bonus #1( $447 Value): 3 Month Subscription To Mike's Mastermind Project (MMP) — FREE

Enjoy 3 FULL MONTHS of this breakthrough monthly program where you'll be able to leverage the synergy of some of the top trading minds in the world — and their combined 100’s of years of success — along with Mike's very own training skills...
…capturing the "Mastermind" effect! 
The fact is, Mike’s Mastermind Project is the culmination of everything Mike Curtis (aka "Right-Hand Mike") learned from over 15 years of mentoring hundreds of Traders Edge Network traders to success... and networking with many of the top trading minds alive. 
"This is the program that I wish I had when I first started — because it would have helped me grow my account so much sooner." - Mike Curtis 
Your FREE 3-Month subscription starts upon completion of SAMS (watch your inbox)! 
Note: If you're already an MMP subscriber, call Belinda at 801-733-4190 upon completion of SAMS to cash in your FREE 3-Month bonus!

Bonus #2 ($97 Value): Updated Version of the 1% Solution GuideBook! Immediately downloadable (in PDF format) — FREE

The 1% Solution is my 115-page, full color guidebook showing how the top 1% of traders make most of the market's money.
It contains all of my most powerful trade set-ups I’ve mastered in 27 years of market experience. It’s the perfect compliment to everything we cover in Small Account Mastery... as it contains “do this, do that” instructions for mastering my trading methods.
It’s been called “the Preston James gold standard” by those who’ve read and used it to profit.
You'll get instant access to your own downloadable copy.

Bonus #3 ($67 Value): 7 Exit Triggers For Today’s Rigged Market — FREE

This guide will further supercharge your ability to better time your exits and maximize profitability. You’ll discover: 
  • Why The Real Money Is Made At The Exit
  • ​Learn Where The Top 1% Of Traders Exit Their Trades
  • Step-By-Step Instructions For Each Exit Trigger
  • ​PLUS: 4 Additional “Trender Benders” To Be Aware Of In Today’s Rigged Market

Bonus #4 ($67 Value): Pre-Announcement Profits: How To Leverage This Little-Known Piece Of News, And Continually Get Involved With Stocks That Win 86% Of The Time — FREE

This is your time to learn from my 14 years of do’s & dont’s. This guide reveals:
  • The “Born On Date” – And Why A Short History Lesson About “Pre’s” Is Critical For You To Understand
  • 6 Reasons Why Pre-Announcements Are So Compelling
  • The 4 Filters That Separate The Good Ones From The Bad!
  • ​Not All Pre’s Are Created Equal – The One Situation (Out Of 3) That I Trade Everytime

Bonus #5 ($67 Value): 6 Earnings Announcement “Street Smarts” Revealed — FREE

This is your guide for how to beat the street at their own game. You’ll learn secrets like: 
  • Why You Should Never Trade Another Day Without These 6 Street Smarts – Designed For Today’s Rigged Market!
  • My “30-in-30 Golden Rule” Credited As The #1 Breakthrough For Hundreds And Hundreds Of Traders!
  • Plus, You’ll Get Multiple Charts and Examples — So You Can Use This As A Handy Reference For Each And Every Earnings Season

Bonus #6 ($67 Value) : The CrowBar: Prys Open The Treasure Chest For 200%, 300%, 400% Gains (And Even Much, Much More!) — FREE

If you know anything about the crowbar, then you’re already aware that it’s simply the highest reward, lowest risk trade on the planet. In this guide, you’ll get:
  • 3 In-Depth (And Real) Trade Examples
  • Learn One Of The Most Compelling Strategies In 20 Minutes Or Less!
  • ​My Super Secret Enhancer That Makes This Simply Unfair
  • ​47 Pages Of Real, Hard Won Wisdom From the Trenches

Bonus #7 ($67 Value) : Sunrise-Demise: The All-Weather, Iron-Clad Way To Make Money In Any Market — FREE

Another breakthrough strategy and another guide designed to help you take full advantage of it. This bonus reveals:
  • Why Sunrise-Demise Is One Of The Most Dynamic Money Making Set-Ups - No Matter How Crappy The Stock Market
  • How You Can Learn It All In 15 Minutes Or Less
  • ​One Of My Favorite “Money Press” Set-Ups
  • ​The 4 Critical Guidelines For Maximum Success
  • ​​Plus, Multiple Pages Of Examples

Bonus #8 ($67 Value) : T.R.E.A.S.U.R.E. Trade Tracker™ Sheets — FREE

You’ve probably heard the famous Peter Drucker line, “what gets measured gets improved.” And that’s especially true in trading. That’s why we’ve custom-designed a performance tracking tool for my unique strategies and approach to the market. This will help you know where you stand and continually optimize performance over the course of the contest.
Become part of the 1% who actually make money trading year in and year out:
  • It only takes minutes per week,
  • ​It makes trading FUN again,
  • Keeps you cool and confident for each and every position the right way!
And last, but definitely not least…

Bonus #9 ($597 Value) : Live-Stream Happy Hour Q&A With Preston “the Pirate” James

Yes, you read that correctly…
I’m going to get on live with you and answer any and all your questions.
And as you know, I have students who pay me thousands of dollars to sit down and pick my brain about the Money Press and other strategies…
This is your chance to get my full undivided attention… for at least 90 minutes.
Not only will I answer your questions… I’ll be taking other questions too…
So if you forget something, chances are…
Someone else will ask the questions you want answered.
Just this one happy hour Q&A could be the difference between making a comfortable retirement income… and finding an edge to make a lifetime of lasting wealth for you and your family…
But there’s only one problem…
Since I want this to be as private and powerful as possible….
There are a limited number of seats. That’s why I’m giving you a chance to sign up for SAMS early and receive this special bonus.
After next week, once the room is full, I’ll take this bonus down and you may never see it again.
But WAIT, it gets even better — because I’ve got one more bonus that I’m confident will transform your trading and life forever...

The Single Biggest Thing I’ve EVER Done or Offered in the History of My 27-Year Trading Career

I’m going out on a limb here, but to make this THE most exciting, profitable, life-changing Small Account Mastery Series I’ve ever offered...
Actually, to make it the most transformative trading event ANYONE has ever offered — and the biggest single event of the year... 
I worked with my team to do something so bold and outrageous, they literally thought I’d lost my mind.
Here’s the deal: anyone who joins THIS Small Account Mastery Bootcamp before the deadline will be automatically entered into our first-ever LIVE trading contest.
At the end of the 10 weeks, the individual who has performed the best (in terms of percentage gained, not account size, so it’s a level playing field) will win the following:

Your SAMS Enrollment Fee Returned 

  • Making this bootcamp 100% FREE for the winner

Lifetime Access to ALL My Programs and Trading Alerts 

  • From WOW Insider to any and all future trainings we have planned — a $10,000+ value
  • WOW Insider, for example, retails at roughly $2,000 per year (it’s worth much more to those who’ve used it to generate 6 or 7-figures in their trades, of course!)
  • NEXT STEPS Training Portal sells for $597
  • ​WEEKLY LIVE TRADING WEBINARS with me for as long as I offer them - worth $497 monthly
  • ​Plus we have a long list of ambitious programs we plan to release in the coming years and you’ll get ALL of them automatically, if you win

PLUS, an All-Expense Paid Day with Me in Salt Lake City 

  • To Take You Behind the Scenes and Hang Out, Trade, Mastermind and Fast-Track Your Success
  • I’ve never done this before, but I’ve had people offer me $10,000 for a day of private coaching
  • What makes this especially powerful is that you will have already grown massively in your trading DURING the SAMS bootcamp — so when you come to Utah, we can roll up our sleeves and really fix any issues or limits you have... while perfecting your approach
  • ​PLUS, there are things that I’ve never taught to anyone and only do on my personal account and I’ll teach you some of these strategies 1-on-1
This is EASILY worth $25,000 — I would argue it’s worth much more, just on face value. But $25K pales in comparison to the limitless upside that you’ll experience FOR LIFE with continual access to all my programs, alerts, and the game-changing day with me.
And here’s the best part of all: Not everyone can win, but actually EVERYONE DOES WIN. 
Because just participating in this contest... you’ll focus and engage with your trading and this process at a level beyond anything you’ve ever experienced in your life.
The ripple effect to your desire, drive, motivation, and ultimate success will be absolutely PRICELESS.
So yes, it will be great to win — I want you to perform and win — but please know that you WILL absolutely win BIG just by your participation in this historic contest. 
That’s how my team and I have designed it.

Look What Others Who’ve Used
The Small Account Mastery Series Say...

From $12,500 to $21,000+!

“I had a friend that has been with you many years (Dave Martin) sign me up for your SAMS account as I was reluctant to try another options trading site. I started the series with $12,500 on June 4th in my account and by following what I learned in the weekly "meetings" I grew that account to $21,000+ on Aug 13th. ”
“I have just signed up for the WOW account and look forward to learning more strategies, along with the thought process. This SAMS series taught me that everything I learned on other sites has "steered" me wrong. I am grateful Dave convinced me to give it another try!”
I am currently trying to convert my nephew who is with another site. I wish your SAMS account was more than once a year so that I could sign him up for it!
Thank you for not forgetting the "little guy" and helping us through it.
-- Billie Jo Meras

“My Account Now Has $3,500 More Dollars In It!”

“I just finished the Small Account Mastery Series. Thanks Preston, Mike, and crew: I had a blast and my account now has $3,500 more dollars in it and I learned a ton as well.”
“Please let me know how I should proceed to pay the remaining balance on the honor system. Thanks, Cody.”
-- Cody Hughes • Tampa, FL

“Boosted My Confidence... Thank You!”

“Preston, I wanted you to know that I’ve enjoyed the Small Account Mastery Series that just completed. I was skeptical even after the first few weeks, but watching your techniques in action live and trading alongside you has boosted my confidence (and my account). I’ve joined the Weekly Windfall Insider so I can continue to learn. Thanks for all you’ve done.”
-- Ed Meirink • Boulder, CO

“I’ve Made More Money in the Past 2
Months Than I Had in the Previous 10!”

“Preston, your Thursday Small Account Mastery class webinars are kick ass. I’ve made more money in the past 2 months with you than I had the previous 10 months. And I'm learning a bunch.
I like your no-nonsense style as well. Good fraggin' stuff, that. Keep kickin' it where it counts!”
-- Chuck K. • Laingsburg, MI

“It Is Completely Changing My Life, Like Nothing
Before, And Like Nothing I Ever Could Have Expected!”

In life there are plans & goals, then there are dreams. The first are attainable over time… the dreams are not attainable in your foreseeable lifetime. Preston James and Traders Edge have given me the ability to realize my DREAMS!! Short of winning the lottery, that was never going to happen. Then, one day, they sailed into my life and taught me how to find buried treasure, in plain sight!! It is completely changing my life, like nothing before, and like nothing I ever could have expected.
Thank you, Preston, and a thank you to The Crew at Traders Edge!
--Bob Harkins
Northern California
Helicopter Pilot
Of course, I’m obligated to say that such results are not typical, and past performance is not indicative of future results.
But still, with the $1,543 in bonuses AND the opportunity to win the $25,000 contest... I think Small Account Mastery makes too much sense to not at least try it out.
For that reason, and because I realize the returns and “total package” I’m offering you today may almost seem too good to be true...

Our Performance Guarantee: If My Trades Aren’t Profitable, You Won’t Pay a Penny!

Nobody can guarantee profits, and losses are always possible. But I can guarantee this: If we don’t deliver net positive performance with Small Account Mastery, you will be entitled to a full, no-questions-asked refund. 
I know this is a bold guarantee. But given my track record over the last ten years, and given the fact that I’ve never delivered less than 21% over 10 weeks...
I’m confident in promising you that the SAMS Bootcamp MUST return profitable performance to members across all trades over the next 10 weeks— winners and losers—otherwise, you are entitled to a prompt, courteous refund.
This isn’t your typical “satisfaction guaranteed” promise – but much better. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and standing by the PERFORMANCE I’ve stated and proven throughout this letter.
In other words, if you follow my exact entry and exits during the SAMS live-trading days, and we are not profitable — you pay nothing.
Simply send an email to my team and I will personally issue a refund immediately.
Now, I don’t anticipate that happening, though.
If, as I suspect, Small Account Mastery delivers profits that dwarf the small membership fee, then like other members you’ve heard from today, you will be well on your way to the retirement and lifestyle of your dreams.
And that’s the purpose of you joining me and my team for this one-time annual live-trading event.

Your Small Account Retirement Fast-Track for as Little as $2.65 Per Day

Ok, you must be wondering what’s the price for the Small Account Mastery Series?
This year’s list price for the SAMS Bootcamp is just $797 for 10 weeks. And given the performance, it’s a bargain at that rate.
Join us today—exclusively on this page—and you’ll get everything... the entire SAMS training, with LIVE trades (listed for $797 but worth much more)... plus the $1,543 in bonus gifts, tools, and tactics…
Plus, you’ll be entered into the LIVE trading contest with the chance to win $25,000 in prizes.
I can’t imagine a better deal, especially relative to the potential gains you’ll make… 
And I bet that I couldn’t pay you $5,000 to keep you OUT of the SAMS program once you see its immense profit potential.
Of course, once membership fills up, you may be shut out. We can only hold so many spots before we hit our limit.
So take action today and make sure you secure your seat…
Because if you don’t...
That would mean you risk missing out on these incredible bonuses, the opportunity to win lifetime access to all my products, and even the chance to spend a day with me in-person — maybe for life.
If you’re ready to get started, click the link below or button at the bottom of this page and secure your spot immediately.

Don’t Wait — Your Dream Retirement Could Come Sooner Than You Think

You’ve already seen my full uncensored account balance with the profits I’ve made in the last SAMS program live-trading event — plus my performance track record for the 4 years prior...
You’ve seen some of my trades, and how it’s possible to multiply your money like never before...
And you’ve heard from real-life users of the principles and strategies you’ll tap into as a member of the Small Account Mastery Series...
PLUS, you’ve seen me go out on a limb and offer the most insane bonus package AND $25,000 contest to make this THE most potentially lucrative Small Account Mastery Series EVER...
Isn’t it time YOU transformed your trading and changed your life?
To get started, simply click the button below... fill out your info... and your place in this upcoming class will be secured.
Once you do that, you’ll get instant access to the bonus materials and Small Account Mastery class access details.
You’ll also be ready to receive my next LIVE trade that I walk you through during our 1st class.

Small Account Mastery Is
Designed with the Potential for You to Make
Money Immediately (Just Follow Along)

Because I understand if you’re not making money immediately, you won’t continue using the system.
Contrast that with the alternative... I mean...
How long have you waited for your 401(k) to double? Or your portfolio?
If you’d done even 50% of what was possible since I started hosting this Small Account Mastery Series, you could have turned your $10,000 into $100,000 by now.
99.999% of investors would KILL for those kinds of returns.
Again, that’s only a fraction of what’s possible once you begin rapidly compounding your money with the eye-opening numbers I’ve shown to be possible in all economic conditions.
Remember the power of the penny: You need to speed up how often you double your money in order to generate massive returns.

If History Is a Guide, Small Account Mastery Series Will Fill Up Fast

Small Account Mastery has always filled up fast — and I’ve NEVER offered this kind of bonus package or contest.
Part of the “magic” of this bootcamp is that I want to be able to offer some personal attention, especially in the Happy Hour and receiving everyone’s feedback during the contest.
So we can only allow so many people into this before we have to close the doors...
In the spirit of transparency, we are frankly not sure what that number is yet — it depends on our staff and help. It may be 200... 300... maybe even 500...
But given that this invitation will go out to nearly 200,000 on my list and social media — and the historic/huge nature of this contest, I expect that even 500 will go FAST.
Already, we’re seeing a groundswell of excitement about this program like we’ve NEVER seen before.
Because people are tired of waiting around for the market to multiply their money.
And everyone wants to be sure 100% that they are prepared for any market conditions...
Everyone is ready to get off the hamster-wheel of their trading accounts going nowhere and get on with building their portfolios.

This Is Your BEST CHANCE to Accelerate Your Retirement—Starting TODAY

Simply click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below, complete the secure checkout process and get started now.
You’ll get everything: all listed bonuses... access to our LIVE training and trading classes... and the exclusive opportunity to enter the $25K trading contest that will make this THE event of the year.
Don’t let the worthless investing advice and approaches that have failed you so far rob you of the life you want.
Don’t let the fear of starting with a small account hold you back from starting to make profit today…
And definitely don’t let anyone tell you that potentially doubling, tripling or quadrupling your account is impossible!
I want you to have the peace of mind and confidence, and let’s face it: the FUN of watching your money double and redouble.
I want you to earn a huge income from your portfolio without having to go to a job every day.
Winning even a portion of your trades using the Small Account Mastery System is what helps you take care of your family without having to worry about whether the stock market is going up, down or sideways.
Ultimately, I think we’re a lot alike.
Just like I’ve found the way to real retirement...

I Want YOU to Also Have the Retirement of Your Dreams.

To travel if you want. Take care of your folks and your kids. Do all the things money lets you do.
All those things you started saving and investing your money for in the first place.
If you want me to show you how we do it, I’m offering to take you by the hand and show you a new way—a better way—to build your wealth. The choice, of course, is yours.
If long-term investing has let you down or you don’t have another couple of decades to wait, I urge you to join us as we walk the road to Small Account Mastery.
Enrollment is easy. Just click the button below to enter your info... place your secure order... and show up to our classes, ready to trade and profit.
I look forward to welcoming you into the program.
Preston “Pirate” James
Founder, Traders Edge
P.S.—I’m already getting people BEGGING to join early and practically bribing me for an “inside track” on how to win the $25,000 contest. THIS IS GOING TO BE NUTS!
It’s also going to be incredibly fun and rewarding. To be part of a group focused on taking their small account and multiplying it using these strategies... encouraged and motivated to hit their goals, all in the spirit of friendly competition.
Everyone who joins and participates is going to win and WIN BIG.
I’m just so excited for this SAMS Bootcamp and the buzz that is building.
After a rough couple years, we ALL deserve to make 2023 our best year EVER — and this is how we will do it!
P.P.S.—If you want to sign one of your kids or a relative up into this SAMS Bootcamp, you are welcome to do that. And as long as they are over 18, they will be able to enter the contest just like any other member.
In fact, I can’t think of a better way to get going and kick off a successful trading career than with this bootcamp and contest! Talk about inspiring...
This is a gift that will change someone you love’s life forever.
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