Now YOU can make SMART DECISIONS in the market today! (Even if retirement’s right around the corner, or you’ve been plain unlucky in the past) — it may seem hard to believe, but …

“This Little-Known Piece of News Virtually Forces a Stock to Go Up 3 to 6 Months After Its Release – 86.3% of the Time

 Let me tell you an interesting story. Back in 2001, a comprehensive study was performed on all publicly-traded companies. It was the year of the “dot-bomb” internet collapse, and sadly 9/11. The study revealed every time a company announced this one, a certain thing, over 86% of the time its stock went UP over the next 3 to 6 months.
Now understand the market in 2001 was one of the worst years on record: one of paralyzing fear and confusion. Yet even then, hundreds of companies made what I call “Magic News” announcements. These announcements focus on knowing how a stock might move in the future due to sudden, changes in perceptions.
And it’s the very same today . . . making this timeless!
What’s that you say? There’s no way to “know” when a stock will go up? Well, my friend, you haven’t looked close enough. Because money is historically attracted to a stock only when buying emotion takes over due to this one thing … which is:

The Anticipation of GOOD NEWS!

My name is Preston James. Years ago the nickname ‘Pirate’ stuck due to my – some investors said – uncanny knack of finding very profitable “buried” trades. Instead of blindly trading off some analyst’s “upgrade” or analyzing hundreds of charts to find a good “indicator”... I simply tap into the “Power of Emotions” instead. And since emotions run high when important news is imminent ... the focus should be on the immediate future of a stock, NOT its past patterns. It’s so common sense, it’s almost laughable.
Here’s the thing: looking at a stock’s PAST is the main reason the majority of investors are so damn frustrated. I’m not giving you stock buying advice … because I am not a registered investment advisor. But that’s good news … because I’m beholden to no institution. I’m simply revealing what this certain piece of news is and how – almost magically – it makes a stock move higher, 86.3% of the time, three to six months down the road.
So no more suspense … this little-known, almost-magic piece of news is:

The “Pre-Announcement” of Better than 
Expected Earnings

Not the actual earnings announcement, but a “pre-announcement” of better than expected earnings to come. Let me explain the difference. Publicly traded companies are REQUIRED to formerly announce quarterly earnings. When a positive pre-announcement hits, the good news is sudden and often unexpected. It’s good news because it’s coming directly from the COMPANY … meaning it hasn’t yet been exposed to Wall Street spin or opinion. And with CEOs being watched MORE CLOSELY than ever these days– no one’s about to risk pulling imaginary good news out of thin air.

Not on Their Lives!

My point is: because this news is coming directly from the company, the right pre-announcement can change perceptions instantly – which can change the stock just as fast. And you don’t need to become some predictive, pointy-hat-wearing “market wizard” to take advantage of pre-announcements. Because you’re not predicting anything. You simply let the power of exciting news and intense human curiosity take over.
I’ve personally executed many thousands of pre-announcement trades over the past eighteen years, and through sheer determination, I’ve discovered a winning approach. At the insistence of fellow investors, I’ve distilled my hard-won wisdom into a book (a map, if you will) which walks you through exactly how I trade pre-announcements. I’ve named it the “1% Solution” in honor of that tiny one percent of investors who snag the lion’s share of market profits.
Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover about pre-announcements in your copy of the1% Solution:
  • With properly-qualified pre-announcements, CEOs will very often understate the real results and momentum the company is actually experiencing. (Page 27 reveals a tweak I fondly call the “Cockroach Theory.”)
  • Getting to home plate starts at first base . . . why all Pre-announcements are NOT created equal. … each one has to pass these four, must-have qualifiers, or I won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole… (Page 36 in the “1% Solution” starts some of the most important investing education of your life.)
  • What a 1960’s experiment performed on a Manhattan street corner reveals about a unique and universal human trait. And how you can profit from these findings with pre-announcements. (Class begins on Page 29)
  • How a very well-known brokerage firm used pre-announcements to absolutely shellac the competition in a 5-year, behind-the-scenes competition among peer brokerage firms. Monitored by trusted Zacks Research, the winning firm TRIPLED results over 2nd place – and flat obliterated the other firms. (“Proof in the pudding” on Page 34.)
  • The 3 key Pre-announcement set-up situations – and the guidelines of how to take advantage of each. (One of them is my absolute fave…) – How to hit pay-dirt with this gem on Page 30.
Plus much, much MORE . . . !
I’m convinced if you don’t seriously reconsider how you’re investing your money, you’ll NEVER crawl out of the 99% who never make real money in the market – because the game’s been rigged. The media’s scammed you into believing you must master a horribly complex universe of data. What they don’t tell you is this oppressive information overload is crafted by “special interest” agendas to trap investors like YOU into limited ways of thinking. And you didn’t even know it was happening … because you bought into the info hoopla. How can I be so smug? How exactly do I know this? Because of one cold, immutable fact:

Most Investors Don’t Make Much (if any) Money!

But they DO blow a bucket-load of time trying to master stuff they’re told they must remember. And because top, independent investors (that “1%” again) don’t even attempt to become “market wizards,” that’s exactly what you need to do: Get your head OUT of the technical analysis books and turn OFF that blasted TV.
It also doesn’t matter what the market does. Even during flat markets there’s massive opportunity to take advantage of due to myriad cycling market trends (your copy of the 1% Solution explains in depth the “market cycle” and how to use it to your advantage. . always). How do the “1%” do it? Simple ... they seize the opportunity within the chaos.
These aren’t hare-brained “day traders,” or screen-addicted Forex nuts, or cut-throat commodity scalpers. Far from it. And the 1%’ers I know weren’t “born into” anything. None of them inherited a big bank roll or had the “right” family name. They were simply ordinary people who became superior investors. And what you must understand about them is:

1%’ers Don’t Excel Just a Bit Beyond the Norm . . . Their Results Are off the Charts!

Here’s a few interesting facts about 1%’ers: They are all insatiably curious (About EVERYTHING). They’re quick to accept blame (no blaming others or the “situation.”) They are all over-the-top-teachable (1%’ers don’t think for a moment they have it all figured out). If these things describe you, there’s a very good chance you can start down their path today.
But the “1% Solution” isn’t focused solely on pre-announcements. Here’s a sampling of more fascinating investing knowledge I’ve packed into the “1% Solution:”
  • The “trend is your friend until you get in.” It’s a clever rhyme, but faulty technical analysis bites way harder than it barks. With stock charts, it’s only essential to pay attention to a few certain things. (Pages 86-88 sets you free.)
  • This little-known tip is like drugging the guards at Fort Knox and pocketing their keys. Anytime a stock gets exactly this far away from its 200-day moving average – it’s not time to lock in gains; it’s time to do this instead. (I map out this elegant solution starting on Page 57.)
  • “Every ship on the bottom of the sea is full of charts!” Here’s the analysis “voodoo” you can discard forever … and why so-called “efficiency” charting software gets in the way of you making big money! (Set course for Page 86.)
But another HUGE KEY to trading success, covered in great detail in the “1% Solution,” is something nearly every independent investor struggles with, which is:

Getting Out of Your Trades at the Wrong Time... Nearly EVERY Single Time!

How many times have you kicked yourself because you placed a “stop” too tight, or flat out bailed on your carefully-picked stock before it ever had the chance to get cooking?! The good news is there are specific, very powerful “Exit Triggers”1%’ers use religiously. And until now, most investors were utterly BLIND to them. Here are just a few examples how the “1% Solution” helps you execute profitable exits:
  • The biggest mistake even savvy traders make with their IBD “Sell Rules.” Find out where 1% traders place their stops instead. (Because 8% stop loss rules are absolute bunk ... see Page 94)
  • The nail-in-the-coffin, line-in-the-sand exit trigger you’ve never heard about. And how this single, easy-to-find trigger guards your gains like a junkyard dog. (Look over the fence on Page 99)
  • STOP LOSSES are for ROYAL CARIBBEAN cruise takers. I seldom (if ever) bother with traditional stops. (What I do instead on Page 33)
I’m just scratching the surface here. And due to the dire circumstances most investors find themselves in – I’m going to offer you something I’ve never offered before ... just to make certain you take action:

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For a limited-time, I’ll send you my next 2 “Treasure Alerts”absolutely FREE!
That means I’ll be giving you TWO of my next ideal trades – handed to you on a silver platter. They both could come next week… or it could be a month… there’s no way to know when they’ll come along. But these are trades that, on average, work out 86.3% of the time.
These “Treasure Alerts” will explain exactly what stock I’m getting in, what options, why I’m doing the trade, and when. The reason I’m willing to give you these two trades (as long as you mention how you heard about the 1% Solution on the order form) is because as you’re studying your “1% Solution” I want you to be able to see real-world set-ups in action…and possibly even make some money putting these positions on in your own trading account!
Now, to get the most out of your two Treasure Alerts – you’ll want to dive right into your 136-page “1% Solution” GuideBook the minute you get it!
(this isn’t a sneaky subscription, a free trial, and there’s no fine print . . . you simply get my next TWO Treasure Alert trades, from me to you, with absolutely no obligation on your part.)
And before we wrap this up, get comfortable . . . because your investment in the “1% Solution” is protected with the strongest guaranteed I’ve ever seen in this industry:

A LIFETIME Satisfaction Guarantee

You must absolutely love the “1% Solution” or you get every last red cent of your money back. No hassles, no weasel-like waffling, and ZERO teeny-type lawyer conditions. I’ll even continue sending you the TWO Treasure Alerts. Take as long as you’d like to study and absorb the practical strategies you’ll find in this one-of-a-kind guidebook. If you’re ever dissatisfied, let me know, and you’ll promptly receive a FULL REFUND. I ask you, what could be fairer?
Why not take the initiative and invest in your own ability to control your financial future by getting your copy of the “1% Solution” today? 
$48.50 is less than you’ll probably spend on coffee next month. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to move right now on this incredible opportunity while it’s fresh on your mind?

Here’s a sampling of comments I’ve received from grateful investors:

 What you’ll discover in the 1% Solution will change your life! What Preston teaches is so easy, so practical, and so simple you’ll never think the same way about investing and trading again. Your growing brokerage account balance will say it all!
“Here’s my before and after results trading the “1%” way:
Before 1% Solution
  • 97 trades
  • 44 winners for $18,772
  • 45 losers for $24,703
  • Net loss: $5,931
After 1% Solution
  • 23 trades
  • 20 winners for $9,906
  • 3 losers for $1,665
  • Net GAIN: $8,241
Mike Howell, Tampa/St. Pete, FL
 Someone recently asked me, “What was the turning point in your mastery of trading?” It was one of the easier questions I’ve been asked because the answer is so simple and straight forward.
The game changer for me was when I got Preston’s 1% Solution. That day is indelibly imprinted in my memory. It was Saturday; I printed out the eBook; it was a warm and sunny morning; I grabbed a tall ice tea garnished with fresh mint and settled comfortably on the patio overlooking the pastures. The next few hours started me on a pathway I have never regretted. After devouring the 1% Solution, my only thought was BRILLIANT! All these years later I still feel that way. The concept and ideas are just that – brilliant.
With Preston I have become rich two ways - financially and a friendship that will always be there.”
Maggie Roth · Oregon City, OR
 I started with the Pirate in 1998 and let me tell you I am as excited now about trading as I was when I started. I could tell you about all the money I have made but I won't. What I will tell you about is the support that the Pirate gives to you. The Pirate loves to trade and he loves to teach people how to trade to make money.”
He truly cares if a student is successful and will do anything he can to help you get there as a trader. I have watched the Pirate search the trading world for techniques and methods that are simple and give you the traders edge.”
 “I have watched the Pirate help people become financially independent. Have I quit my job and run to sit on a beach somewhere? No, but I could if I wanted to. Listen to the Pirate, you will make money.”
Boyd West · Thayne, WY
 I have known the Pirate since 1998. He has always acted with the utmost integrity, caring for his students, and is very knowledgeable in what he does. And, he just loves OPTIONS! If he makes a promise he keeps it, if he offers a guarantee he stands behind it. I recommend Preston without any hesitation, and his staff, especially Belinda, is THE BEST! Thanks…”
- Jeff Goodman · Ojai, CA
 Using Preston James' (Pirate's) 1% Solution setups and strategies will lead you to stocks that are emotionally charged to move up. They are uncomplicated and use very little technical analysis, keeping the trade setups simple.”
“These compelling approaches to finding profitable trades has given this novice investor confidence and pride. Also, a small trading account that has increased five-fold in only six months. Thank you Preston.”
Randy Bates · Ada, MI
 Even though I thought your 1% Solution was ‘too good to be true’ I have been successful so far. My first trade on FFIV was successful ($400 profit in 1 week). I then got into BCSI and was up $600 the 1st day… ended up with a profit of $1500 in 4 days.
 “All of these trades were entered into on the same day during August when the market was so bad. They paid for my 1% Solution program and a whole lot more. Thanks putting it together and making it available.”
 -Sandi & Bruce MacInnes · NC
 I just recently invested in your 1% Solution – and was very skeptical. But I have to say that I am impressed. Just two examples of your set up netted me almost a 400% return. And that is on each trade! I really wished I had committed capital to these situations, but as a new client, I was only paper trading them. The bottom line is this simple methodology works!”
 “I'm looking forward to trading with this!”
 -Barry Boswell · Ridgefield Park, NJ

Don’t Lose Any More Of Your Precious Capital! Discover My Simple, Real-World Strategies for Building (and Rebuilding) Your Wealth In Spite of the Ongoing Market Turmoil

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Sure, you can sit back and hope the economy stays on track… or wonder what the trade wars will do to the market. And you can hope and pray that your retirement account doesn’t dwindle down any lower.

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$48.50 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to lose over your lifetime without this stock market know-how. Looking at it that way…

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Don’t put this off… you’re worth it.
Yours for Bigger Profits, More Often,
Preston “Pirate” James
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  • The two habits you must adopt QUICKLY with a small account. 1%’ers do this, yet most people think it’s silly.
  • Why small account traders almost always turn into superior traders.
  • Why understanding the “Market Cycle” is extra important when working a small account.
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