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Featuring Preston ‘Pirate’ James & Maggie Roth
. . . While the event in Phoenix is sold-out - here's how to
Join Us In April Via Live-Stream 
To Take In This Entire Kick-Butt, Breakthrough Event!
Thursday/Friday, April 25th & 26th - 2019!
The Top 10 Reasons NOT TO MISS
the April Retreat in Phoenix:
#10: It’s fun! While we start things off with a cocktail reception on Wednesday evening (where it’s easy to meet a greet with other WOW students), we keep the room size smaller to allow for an ideal learning environment for questions, participation, etc! And with LIVE-STREAM technology, it’s just as if you’ll be attending with everyone else in class!
#9: At retreat events like this, breakthroughs and ideas happen and flow. That’s because a lot of smart people and intense interest are on display – and it’s exciting when a new angle and/or edge opens up right there, because of all the energy in the room! What one or two surprises will unfold in Phoenix?
#8: You’ll get to meet Brandon Gendvilas. Brandon’s our top mentor at Traders Edge. He’s personally helped hundreds of students from all different backgrounds, experience levels, professions, account sizes and incomes. And at the same time, Brandon stays SHARP! He’s the creator of the Quarterly Money  Press Watchlist, using his unique “delta neutral” method when rolling out of Money Presses, and he’ll bring his latest and most compelling edges to Phoenix. We’re lucky to have him on board!
#7: There’s no icky sales-a-thon going on in the back of the room. The 2-Day Pirate Retreat Events are pure meat by comparison. You’ll get up to speed with all the latest cutting-edge tips, tricks and tweaks to my Weekly Option Windfall methods. And if you’re a few thousand bucks a month away from retiring, perhaps a tweak or two is waiting right there for you to discover and implement - - to get you RETIRED!
#6: You’ll discover some simple, yet powerful methods on how to protect your account during a market correction.
#5: You’ll get caught up on all the latest with the Sleepover Bandit! The S.O.B.’s put 7-10% windfall profits in your pocket each and every weekend . . . Plus, we’ll do several LIVE Sleepover Bandit trades together as a class!
#4: Guest speaker Maggie Roth. Maggie’s my most successful student to date. Not only is she a wizard with trading, but she has a gift of communicating and teaching like no other. You don’t want to miss the latest breakthroughs from Maggie!
#3: We’ll go Crowbar hunting! The CrowBar is my #1 favey and aggressive upside trade. 200, 300, 400, even 500% profits are what’s possible! We’ll find some CrowBar candidates together as a class. Get ready to be blown away!
#2: We’ll do live trades together in class.
#1: This will sure to be a turning point (I’d say over 90% of the investors and traders I’ve spoken with talk about some kind of event where things changed for them – and a lot of people have said that tuning into an intensive 2 day Pirate retreat has been THAT TURNING POINT!
This breakthrough event will be recorded and made available to you within a few days! If you can't tune in during the entire two days, you can still catch the great info on the recording!
This event is designed with YOU in mind. Plan on coming away with a least several breakthroughs you can put to use right away in your trading. 
And that's what can make all the difference in the world! Order your live-stream access today. This will be limited! It's first come, first served, so order your live-stream access today! 

NOTE: If you would prefer to order by phone, please call: 801-733-4190. Our staff is extremely friendly and would love to take care of you.

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