Register Now for The Irish Runner Series with Maggie - Q1 2018
     In case you don’t know, Maggie’s my #1 top student, spanning many, many years!

     Maggie’s Irish Runner is a quick-hit options strategy, centered around earnings announcements and “earnings season.”

     Maggie, with the help of one of her trading buddies, discovered this opportunity during 2017. They tested it for 90-days, then made modifications and tweaks in an effort to improve results. The bottom line is, she’s only traded it during 2 of last year’s 4 earnings seasons.

And the results?

     At the start of each year, Maggie funds a brand new $50K account (in her words to be “relatable”). For 2017, she turned her $50K account into $974K! And get this: 27% of her profits (which totals $249,480) were gained using the Irish Runner trading strategy . . . for only HALF THE YEAR!

     Here’s her complete trade journals so you can see:

And after a beta test last fall . . .
Q1 Of 2018 Is The First Official Launch Of

a 2-Week Long, Live-Trading Opportunity 

With Maggie Herself!
     She’s picked out the 2 most exciting weeks in January, 2018 (see below) and you’re invited to join in and trade each trade right as she does, and “earn while you learn!”

     The sooner you register to trade live right alongside Maggie, the better! Why?

     Because those who register right now will get instant access to Maggie’s complete Irish Runner strategy on video. This will give you plenty of time to learn and get up to speed with what the strategy is all about.

     You’ll also be sent a link to access Maggie’s special kick-off live webinar on Friday, Jan 19th *Important* which will thoroughly prepare you for the live-trading sessions with Maggie for the following two weeks.

(Be sure to read the Q & A below for additional info!)

     This is a crazy, unique opportunity to trade right alongside one of the sharpest option traders alive (and I’ve known a ton of them!)

     Don’t delay! Secure your spot right now, you won’t regret it!
                           Preston James
PS> I recently interviewed Maggie about her Irish Runner strategy . . . you should stop what you’re doing and listen to this right now!
Irish Runner Calendar - January 2018
(Live trading begins at 9:15 AM Eastern Time each day)
Silver Package: 1 Week of Live Trading 
                            (Jan. 22nd - 26th)

Platinum Package: 2 Weeks of Live Trading! 
                                (Jan 22nd - 26th & Jan 29th - Feb 2nd)
Belinda's been fielding lots of questions about this - and she's begged me to offer some Q&A about the top things she's being asked about.

So here it is:

Q- What is the Irish Runner?

A- It's a deadly accurate option strategy specifically designed for earnings season (which is here again!) Maggie discovered this lucrative loophole with one of her top students. Next, they tested it, with all kinds of variations, and starting making consistent money with it. Maggie funded an account with $50K at the beginning of 2017 . . . she turned that $50K into $974,000 during the 4 earnings seasons of 2017 using the Irish Runner! (see her Trade Journals for each and every trade along the way)

Q- Can anyone do it?

A-Technically yes, but NOT if your schedule or life conflicts with the first hour of the trading day. If that's the case, the Irish Runner will NOT work for you (unless of course, you hire or trust someone to be the eyes and ears for you, handle your account, set the trades for you, etc)

Q- Where can I find out more about this trading method, see proof, etc?

A-You can see Maggie's complete trading record and journals for the Irish Runner (in both pdf and excel formats) above. Also, upon successfully registering for the Q1 Irish Runner, it’s strongly urged you view Maggie’s entire Irish Runner training presentation (approx 1 hour long)

Q- How much can I expect to make from trading the “Irish Runners” during the Q1 earnings season during the 2 weeks of: Jan 22nd thru Feb 2nd of 2018?

A- This is, of course, an unknown. But because it's you and me talking, AND because you promise to review the Irish Runner training in depth and detail BEFORE you trade with Maggie live - - Maggie's confident you'll clear a 2.95% gain PER WEEK (and this is with ultra conservative money and trade management, not risking more than 2% of your capital on any one trade) -

With a $25,000 account, that's a one week gain of $737.50 to your portfolio (PLUS, the know-how to be able to do this on your own forever more!? Not to mention the side benefit of having a lot of fun in the process.)

Q- Why should I participate with Maggie trading the Irish Runner for Q1 2018?

A- She’s specifically chosen these two weeks because of the dozens and dozens of Irish Runner opportunities with the tickers she likes to see during earnings season. 

Q- What will be my time commitment for the LIVE trading with Maggie during the 2 weeks of January 22nd thru Feb 2nd?

A- The webinars will begin each day at 9:15 am Eastern time sharp (15 mins before the market open). Each morning session will last until 10:15 am Eastern (approx 1 hour total each morning . . which includes Maggie's commentary at the end of each session)

Here's how it will look:

Maggie will set-up shop and tell you what she's looking at during the first 15 minutes. The trading will then take place during the first 30 minutes the market is open. And for the remaining 15 minutes she'll answer questions and recap what just happened.

Q- How do I register so I can trade Irish Runners with Maggie LIVE?

A- Registration opens on Thursday, January 11th - 2018 @ 9:00 am Eastern sharp.

The sooner you register, the more time you’ll have to review Maggie’s Irish Runner training, be able to ask questions, and digest the gains she enjoyed during 2017. All to say, you want to feel confident and ready to trade the same trades as Maggie once the live trading sessions start on Monday, January 22nd. 

Q- What is expected of me?

A- A commitment to get up to speed and educated BEFORE the live trading sessions with Maggie begin. This is important! You do this first by watching the “Intro To The Irish Runner” video. This video was shot last fall during our 2-Day Retreat in Dallas, TX. It explains the Irish Trade in detail, shows examples and includes lots of Q & A. (you will be sent a link to watch this video after you register for the Q1 2018 Irish Runner)

Next, you must commit to attend the live Irish Runner Training webinar on Friday, January 19th. This is the Friday before the live trading sessions begin (which will begin Monday, January 22nd). This live webinar will be hosted by Maggie herself. Think of it as a coach getting the team ready to go! Maggie will provide important pointers and the current, up-to-date info to get you ready to make money!

We’ve found that once you understand the Irish Runner trade beforehand, you’ll have more confidence and make more money trading live with Maggie during the Irish Runner trading sessions!

Q- How much will this cost?

A- There are 2 Irish Runner packages for Q1 2018, Silver or Platinum -

Silver Package: Includes access to the complete Irish Runner training PLUS 1 WEEK of live trading with Maggie (the week starting Monday, Jan 22nd thru Friday, Jan 26th). Cost: $797

Platinum Package: Includes access to the complete Irish Runner training PLUS 2 WEEKS of live trading with Maggie (the 2 weeks starting Monday, Jan 22nd and ending on Friday, Feb 2nd). Cost: $997

(Even with a modest sized account, you'll very likely be MAKING MONEY while you learn this killer new trading style - - that's called "earn while you learn,” which makes this the best of both worlds)

Q- Will each daily session be recorded during the beta test week?

A- Yes. For learning purposes (and also just out of habit), each morning session will be recorded. However, **Important!** please know it will be TOO LATE to do Irish Runner style trades if you're attempting to trade something you saw on the recording vs. doing it live!

The nature of these trades is they're very timely - and that's why this isn't for everybody! (an exception can be if you really want to learn this, and watch it all unfold, but also CAN'T attend each live session in the morning . . . it's ok to simply view the recordings for learning purposes. Again, just DON'T do the same trades on the webinar recordings a day later!

Q- Can I just watch and learn and not do any trades?

A-Yes, the choice is yours. If you want to do all (or some) of the live trades, or if you simply want to observe what Maggie's trading, learn the Irish Runner strategy, make notes, etc, it’s all up to you.

Q- Is there anything else I need to know?

A- Remember, the doors open to Maggie’s Q1 Irish Runner trading experience on Thursday, January 11th, 2018.

The live trading sessions begin on Monday, January 22nd and run through Friday, February 2nd, 2018.

If you have any further questions, please contact Belinda @ 801-733-4190
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